Review on IP Villa Door Station From Dahua Security

IP Villa Door Station is a part of Dahua’s VTH Series, which is a complete line of devices for monitoring, two-way communication, and door management. These devices are IP-based, and utilize SNMP and network encryption technology for maximum security. The IP65 weatherproof design makes this device perfect for commercial properties. The IP Villa Door Station can be installed on both domestic and commercial applications.

Dahua’s IP Video Intercom Outdoor Stations improve security and communications ability of entrances in commercial buildings

While commercial buildings are facing an increasingly challenging landscape in terms of managing visitor and in-house communications, Dahua’s IP Video Intercommunication (SIP) solutions can help address this challenge and offer businesses better security and efficiency. The IP video communication solutions improve entrances’ security and communication ability while reducing the need for manual labour and installation.

Dahua Technology recently deployed intelligent IP Video Intercom Outdoor Stations at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The new monitoring devices help to reduce blind spots while ensuring uninterrupted video transmission throughout the entire venue. As an example, Dahua Technology’s IP Video Intercom Outdoor Stations improved security and communications capability at the entrances of a major event.

The system’s license plate recognition features make it easy to identify and block unauthorised vehicles. Using an ANPR camera to detect license plates, the IP Video Intercom Outdoor Stations help improve the security and communications ability of commercial buildings. Dahua’s IP Video Intercom Outdoor Stations have a variety of applications, including public and private entrances, industrial facilities, and more.

Successful Deployment in key venues

The IP Video Intercom Outdoor Stations from Dahua Technology have helped secure the World Swimming Championships in Hangzhou, China. The Dahua Technology team helped establish command security headquarters in the venue and refined security deployment and monitoring methods. They enabled the successful hosting of the event, ensuring full security and smooth communication. The company’s long-term reliability and rapid issue resolution have led to its successful deployment in key venues.

IP Villa Door Station: Protection against unauthorised access

The Dahua VTO2202F-P IP Villa Door Station is part of the Dahua VTH Series. This line of devices combines monitoring, two-way communication, and door management. The IP network, SNMP technology, and network encryption technologies help protect against unauthorized access, while offering IP65 weatherproof protection. You can choose the number of cameras that you want to connect to your door station and the range of features they can provide.

The IP Villa Door Station from Dahua offers a high-quality video intercom system, which can be installed and maintained by a professional. The Dahua Video Intercom comes with the option to record video sessions using an NVR. For added security, the IP Villa Door Station from Dahua Security can be connected to a monitored alarm system. Its cost depends on the number of cameras and NVR that you purchase.

IP Villa Door Station: What is in the box

The Dahua IP Villa Door Station provides surveillance of the entrance of your house. It comes with a video intercom kit that allows you to watch IP camera streams of the doorway and leave messages for your visitors. This IP door station also comes with a 2 MP wide angle camera. It has remote functions such as taking a picture when the doorbell rings, recording video messages, and unlocking remotely.

August 21, 2022
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