Why CCTV and Home Security Are Important

Burglaries are most likely to occur in the summer when homeowners are not home. There are various interesting facts and reasons to understand Why CCTV and Home Security Are Important.

Another interesting fact to know is renters are burglarised more often than homeowners. Home security installation on rental properties is not prioritised due to understandable facts like implementation hassles, cabling, setting up devices etc. Most of the rental properties are not even covered with insurance when it comes to household items; therefore, any theft incurred is more damaging. The best way forward is to discuss with the homeowner to raise your security concerns and determine the best security setup for the property. Sometimes even a basic setup like an outdoor CCTV camera with a video doorbell is very effective.

CCTV in combination with a well-planned lighting scheme

There are numerous strategies to reduce burglaries. Amongst popular home security systems installing good locks and other building products, outdoor lighting, and motion-activated floodlights are also effective deterrents. A well-planned lighting scheme enhances the deterrent effect of CCTV and other security measures. But the most effective prevention technique is combining all of them. Smart placement of CCTV system covers potential theft points supported by a perfect light angle. A well-placed CCTV system enhances deterrence and helps authorities identify the notorious elements in society.

CCTV to prevent Vandalism and Potential Hate Crimes

The first step in preventing vandalism is establishing proper security around your property. A professional installation agency can work with you to offer widespread coverage with a CCTV network. Vandalism can take many forms and can involve a wide variety of actions. The most common types of vandalism involve smashing windows, slashing tires, spray painting walls, or even destroying common service areas. To be convicted of vandalism, you must show you purposefully caused the damage. You can ensure that the vandals do not get to your property by installing security cameras.

Investing in a high-quality security camera will help prevent vandalism. You may also wish to install security lights on your property to deter potential vandals. The right lighting will also ensure that your property is visible, even when it is dark. In addition, to deter vandals, security cameras can help you get a better quality of evidence in case of a crime.

Keeps an eye on pets and kids


Suppose you are concerned about your kids’ safety. In that case, you can invest in a home security system with cameras throughout the house. With cameras incorporated into doorbells, the devices provide a constant view of your home. The system can also keep an eye on your pets. Home security systems can also help protect your pets from burglars, so they’re always supervised and safe.

Get in touch with our CCTV expert in South Morang to book your installation appointment. He may understand your requirement or installation expectations, including the type of equipment required and ideal cctv coverage at your premise in Melbourne.


Lef’s TV & Security expert will be glad to assist you in finding the best spot in your room, considering all electrical and antenna wiring feasibility.

    TV Mounting and Outdoor TV Antenna Installation Service in South Morang

    Lef’s TV & Security expert will help you fit your screen to any wall with outdoor TV antenna installation service in South Morang.

    • Free professional advice on how to best position your LED, Home Theatre or Projector
    • Fitting all types of TVs, including Plasma, LCD, LED, HDTV, Stream Devices, Fast Router
    • Connect Your 4K / 8K Device with a fast streaming device for a better experience
    • safe and tidy cables with expert trunking and chasing
    • Experienced and Insured expert solution
    • Watch all your favorite free-to-air channels through high definition antenna setup

    We have a straightforward 4-step approach to TV Installation & Antenna Installation in South Morang.

    1. Book Your Installation Service
      Get in touch with our TV Antenna expert in South Morang to book your installation appointment. He may understand your requirement or installation expectations, including the screen size and TV antenna type.
    2. Unpack on Day of Appointment
      Lef’s TV suggests leaving the unpacking of your brand new tv with experts. A trained and experienced technician shall help you unpack and recommend the optimal location of the unit and TV antenna itself in South Morang.
    3. TV Installation & Wall Mounting
      Our professional will mount the TV on the wall, roof, or corner as per your choice. Lef’s TV & Security will also ensure a safe and high-quality antenna setup. We shall be able to provide you with all the brackets, mounting accessories and TV antenna, etc., in South Morang, Melbourne.
    4. Enjoy a cable and clutter-free show
      Our professional TV and antenna installation service in South Morang will ensure that all wiring is done neatly within D-Line trunking to help you achieve the ultimate cinematic experience.

    Our service includes all setup, possibilities, and options in South Morang, as listed below.

    • All Size of LED or plasma, single or multiple screen setup
    • LCD TV, LED TV, Plasma, 3D, LED Smart TV Setup, HD TV, Home Cinema, and Home Theatre setup with Dolby stereo sound systems.
    • All types of TV brackets for different placement, tilt or to, support corners, etc.
    • We can assist in setting up your unit on all types of walls, including brick, plasterboard, masonry, concrete, or partition walls.

    Lef’s TV & Security would expect the unit to arrive before the appointment, and customers need to provide a sturdy wall to support the screen. We can inspect and let you know If additional reinforcements are required.

    We provide TV Installation service and a TV Antenna set up on a rooftop in South Morang. We can let you know the fixed price for the service before the appointment.



    What all I need to Provide for TV and TV Antenna Installation Service in South Morang

    You need to provide all the content inside the box and the necessary brackets of your choice. Our installation expert can also give the TV antenna unit, shelves, additional wiring, etc.

    What I Need to ensure before TV & Antenna Installation Appointment

    You need to ensure easy access to the unit’s area to be installed. If you opt for antenna installation service in South Morang, we might require access to the roof. You also need to check the electrical sockets and an initial assessment of the wall where the TV will be installed.

    What if I am not Sure About the TV Wall mount position

    Lef’s TV & Security expert will be glad to assist you in finding the best spot in your room, considering all electrical and antenna wiring feasibility.

    Can you use a specific Bracket as per my choice?

    Lef’s TV & Security completely understand your requirement and can extend support for any bracket requirements.

    Can you hide the cables?

    We can ensure that all cables are hidden after installation. However, if there are any setup limitations like distance from electrical socket or TV Antenna cable feasibility etc., then the same shall be communicated before installation. If any additional work is required, the same shall be carried out at an extra cost.

    Do I need to provide my antenna?

    Based on your location in South Morang, we can offer the best Antenna Setup as per your requirement and budget. If you have already procured your antenna or choose to provide the one yourself, we can adjust the cost of our installation service.