Say Goodbye to Package Theft: How Video Intercoms are Revolutionizing Home Deliveries

With the holidays in full swing, packages are coming into Melbourne residential like never before. And with the influx of packages comes a host of new challenges for CCTV SystemsHome Security and community managers alike.

One of the biggest problems is package theft, or porch pirates as they’re also known. Neighbors and police say these brazen thieves roam neighborhoods looking for a box or bag to steal.

1. Convenience

Say Goodbye to Package Theft:

With e-commerce growing in popularity, apartment residents can now expect more deliveries than ever before. With a video intercom, residents can buzz in delivery carriers and give them clear instructions to leave their package inside the building.

This is especially important for buildings that are in high-density areas or where package theft is a common problem.

A typical video intercom system consists of an edge device that captures visitor video and converts it into digital signals for relaying over the air, internet, or fixed telephone or Ethernet cables to indoor stations equipped with monitor screens and buttons for door release.

2. Security

Video intercom systems offer security benefits that go beyond the basic audio-only system. These systems allow you to visually verify who is at your door and then grant or deny access based on their appearance.

They also come with advanced features such as facial recognition technologies, remote unlocking, and integration with building management systems. These are a great way to strengthen your property’s security while making it more convenient for both visitors and staff.

With a video intercom, you can easily communicate with your delivery person and let them know where to place the package safely inside your home without opening your door. This helps you avoid front porch theft and ensures that important packages are delivered safely!

3. Efficiency

Whether you manage a multifamily building with 5 units or 500, video intercoms can make your property more efficient. The best ones enable visitors to request access through a smartphone app and unlock entrances remotely if they approve the request.

These systems are also a great way to keep incoming deliveries from laying outside on porches and doorsteps. Especially for small multifamily buildings that lack a package room, video intercoms offer an excellent solution for keeping packages inside the building while still ensuring security and safety.

Many modern video intercoms are cloud-based, so property managers can easily manage their system from anywhere without having to make any changes onsite. This can help save on costs like phone bills, installation costs, and reprogramming fees. It can also help reduce downtime and eliminate onsite service visits.

4. Convenience

With Video Intercoms, residents can see who’s at the door, and they can open it remotely. This eliminates the need for a package room or on-site manager to receive deliveries, and also helps ensure packages aren’t stolen.

Many modern video intercom systems allow occupants to manage their access from an IP-connected display or smartphone app. This makes it easy to unlock the door for visitors, delivery carriers, or service providers even when they’re out and about.

Property managers can change access settings for each tenant, revoke app access when a tenant loses their phone or is out of the building, and track maintenance and delivery status. All of these features are convenient for both tenants and property managers alike.

5. Convenience for Property Managers

Video intercoms are revolutionizing home delivery, allowing property managers to monitor deliveries and minimize potential package theft. Using the system, residents can receive a video call from their delivery person and open their door remotely.

Aside from preventing package theft, apartment buildings are also benefiting from a variety of convenience features. Systems that connect to smartphone apps allow tenants and staff to verify visitors and unlock doors from anywhere, without having to be at the property.

Cloud-based management platforms help property managers keep track of visitor and package access, view entry logs, and give temporary PIN access to maintenance workers or vendors. This helps streamline operations for property managers and landlords.

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